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Founded in 1990, OID is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization registered with the Internal Revenue Service and the New York State Attorney General Charitable Bureau. Contributions are tax deductible in accordance with IRS rules and regulations.

The organization was founded in 1990. Back then, seven young Jamaican dentists led by Roy Street, D.D.S. and two hygienists from the Bronx set out for a rural community in Western Jamaica to help what they thought would be a few people who didn’t have access to dental care due to the lack of financial means and or rural geographic isolation. A few hundred people showed up with a host of dental and medical issues. Since then, OID has broadened its reach and impact beyond Jamaica, and services, beyond dental care.

Now, the group travels to Ghana, Ethiopia, Haiti and the Caribbean at large, India, and within the U.S., and comprise of dedicated professionals with diverse backgrounds. Post-hurricane Katrina, we have also worked in New Orleans, and we do community health fairs upon request. OID delivers life-saving services such as early cervical and breast cancer detection, treatment of diabetes and hypertension, wound care, pediatric, OB/GYN, dental and ophthalmologic services, physical therapy and health education. In the host communities we serve, OID sponsors vocational training programs, help to rebuild depilated homes, help academically talented students, and spearhead the building of health centers and libraries. It also provides computer science, electrical engineering and technology training and hold science fairs to pique students’ interest in science and technology. OID provide its services for free, wherever it is needed, which in most cases are rural isolated communities and at-risk urban cities.

The group consists of professionals in the field of healthcare (doctors, nurses, dentists, medical students and emergency care personnel), education, engineering, computer science and technology whose tireless efforts make our annual one-week health missions possible. We provide free services in, among other things, dental care, medical treatment, nursing care, physical therapy education and health education. Our health education workshops cover topics such as teenage pregnancy, healthy lifestyle options and nutritional wellness. We also provide computer science, electrical engineering and technology information as well as hold science fairs at host schools.

Generally, our Jamaica health missions take place in January and June. Our Ghana (and Ethiopia) health missions take place in August. We scheduled our first health mission to Mumbai, India in February 2010. In addition, in October 2010, we held a first of its kind 3-day health mission in Enid Oklahoma for the Black Indian population. We have held health missions in St. Lucia, Grenada and the Grenadine Islands, and Carriacou with and Health Cap.






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