Chairman’s Message


“Who so stoppeth his ears at the cry of the poor, he also shall cry himself but shall not be heard”...African Proverb. For the past 22 years the team of OID volunteers has opened not only their ears but also their hearts to the cry of the underserved in selected areas of the world. Our appeal for help in carrying out our mission has always been heard and acted upon.


A prime example is the Mobile Clinic that was donated to us by the Vincent Hosang Family Foundation since 2006. This unit, stationed in Jamaica, has enabled our volunteers to provide services to the thousands of people throughout the island, strengthening our roots-one community at a time. Our theme has manifested itself in projects such as the Mt. Hannah Community Center in rural Jamaica. The 1st phase, the library is complete and functioning. The 2nd phase, an auditorium, is now under construction. Continuity is what OID constantly strives for; to enhance this philosophy we are always encouraging the young people to join our missions. This past year pre-medical students joined us in Ethiopia. Two pre-medical and other undergraduate students also joined us in Jamaica, along with a Pediatric Resident. These youngsters worked tirelessly with us in the spirit of OID Motto “Helping Others to Help Themselves.”




Roy W. Streete, DDS, MPH



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