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OID conducts a total of 3 one week-long health missions throughout the year in needy rural and urban communities. Plus, individual volunteers participate in other medical missions throughout the year. Approximately 30-45 volunteers (surgeons, physicians, nurses, dentists, hygienists,laypersons etc.) with different specialties and skills travel on OID sponsored medical missions.


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January 21st-30th, 2014





April 2014





July 1st-11th, 2014


Brazil (Bah'i)



January 19th-27th, 2013





March 25th-30th, 2013





June 2013 (TBD)





*Estimated costs are inclusive of airfare, hotel and ground transportation. Dates are subject to change.


Visa, Flight, Hotel and Work Logistics



No Visa is required to travel to Jamaica. Click here to earn about obtaining a visa to India and Ghana.

Credentials and License to Work Abroad


All volunteers must complete the Short Volunteer form (Professional Registration for Short Term Volunteers). All doctors, nurses and dentists must complete the forms pertaining to their profession. Even if you have traveled with OID on a mission before you must fill out the forms. This is not OID's request it is the requirement of the Government of Jamaica. If you have received a permit from Jamaica (nurse or doctor) please submit to us for this mission:

  • 2 recommendations;
  • a copy of your current resume;
  • a copy of the permit received from Jamaica; and
  • a copy of your current license.

If this is your first time traveling with OID you have to submit the above required documents plus two passport sized pictures. EVERYTHING MUST BE NOTARIZED.

Flight, Hotel and Work Logistics

Those who desire to volunteer on a health mission must notify the Team Leader no less than 90 days prior to the scheduled departure date. All required paperwork for the applicable country must be completed and submitted to the Team Leader in a timely fashion as requested by the Team Leader.

The Team Leader will arrange the group flight and hotel stay. However, each volunteer is responsible for paying his/her airfare, hotel and ground transportation.

A volunteer traveling with the team on the group flight may only check one (1) personal luggage (up to 50 pounds) and a carry-on bag. The other piece of luggage will be dedicated to OID for transporting medicines, medications and supplies.

Each volunteer is asked to work with the team for at least 3 consecutive days during a weeklong medical mission. Each work day, volunteers should be ready for work at the designated time (e.g. 7:30 A.M.) and arrive at the work site dressed professionally and appropriately (scrubs and/or lab coats) with instruments appropriate for their work.

Culture influences the way patients respond to medical, preventive interventions, health and wellness services and impacts the way we deliver those services. We ask that volunteers are sensitive to our patients’ culture and socio-economic circumstance.

Many patients wait year-round for OID’s arrival to get basic primary health and dental services. Some patients are brought in by piggy- back, some walk long treks and in Ghana one patient was brought-in on a mattress to be seen. Lines are normally very long and patients start to arrive from dawn. We may treat over 1,500 patients on each weeklong health mission.

Often times, we examine, treat and educate patients in basic facilities - creatively arranged to meet our needs – such as clinics, school buildings or community centers. We also perform home visits for rehabilitative therapy, home-bound patients and as needed.

All volunteers are strongly encouraged to review and refer to the Volunteer Manual for further information.