Travel and Work Logistics


Volunteers who desire to travel on a health mission must notify the Team Leader no less than 90 days prior to the scheduled departure date. All required paperwork must be completed and submitted by such volunteer to the Team Leader in a timely fashion.

The Team Leader will arrange the group flight and hotel stay. However, each volunteer is responsible for paying his/her airfare, hotel and ground transportation as directed by the Team Leader.

A volunteer traveling with the team on the group flight can only check one (1) piece of luggage (up to 50 pounds) and a carry-on bag. The other checked-piece of luggage will be for an OID luggage containing medicines, equipment and supplies on the group flight.

For planning purposes, each volunteer must work with the mission team for at least 3 consecutive days. OID wishes to promote an atmosphere of professionalism and inspire confidence. To that end, volunteers should be ready for work at the designated time and arrive at the work site dressed appropriately (scrubs and/or lab coats) with instruments appropriate for the work being performed.

We ask that volunteers be sensitive to our patients’ cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. Culture influences the way patients respond to medical, preventive interventions, health and wellness services and impacts the way we deliver those services. Prospective volunteers should be aware of the environments (i.e. rural/urban communities with limited resources) in which OID works. Often times we examine, treat and meet patients in basic primary care clinics, creatively arranged to meet our needs. When that is not possible, we use non-traditional settings such as churches, classroom and/or community centers and home visits are routine.

All volunteers are strongly encouraged to review and refer to the Volunteer Manual for further information about travel and work logistics, and other matters.






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