Donate Your Professional Skill: Volunteer

You can contribute to the work OID is doing at home and in the world community by becoming a member, or by participating in a medical mission, or by contributing your kills or by making a donation. Remember, you don’t have to be in healthcare. You simply need to complete and submit a membership application.

Dental: Extraction, prophylaxis, restorations, sealants, oral hygiene instructions, examination and guidance.

Medical: Pediatrics, ophthalmology, obstetrics & gynecology, internal medicine, dermatology, and emergency medicine.

Nursing: Patient assessment, developing a practical plan of care, nursing intervention, health education, disease prevention, and follow-up.

Physical Therapy: Provide rehabilitation equipment and supplies to facilities for the handicapped, instruct caretakers and patients re: usage in adult and pediatric rehabilitative procedures and provide stimulation for the patients.

Emergency Medical Procedures: Emergency Medical Technicians teach CPR and other life threatening emergency procedures to adults and children in hospitals and industry, with the aid of mannequins, models, videotapes, and brochures.

Computer Science and Engineering: Training in basic computer sciences and technology and donation of computers to the schools. Science fairs were conducted with displays such as Fountain connection, Potato Clock, Plastic Lung Apparatus, Equilibrium Shapes, Pacemakers, Electronic Circuits, Conductivity Testers, Internet on-line Links and other natural science devices.

Social Workers: Provide counseling on a myriad of health education subjects including sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), career guidance, adolescent and puberty issues, truancy and teenage pregnancy.

Librarian and Teachers: Provide educational counseling and motivation for the students and teachers.

Lay personnel: Registering patients, collecting and collating patient data, packing, unpacking and physically moving equipment and supplies to various destinations. Distribution of clothing, toys, shoes, food and other miscellaneous items.

All volunteers are required to review the Volunteer Manual, complete the required documents including the Volunteer Applications.

Medical Missions
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