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Our health missions take us to rural and isolated communities, as well as, low-resourced inner city communities. We go where the need is. Our patients in such communities are usually impoverished and cannot afford regular health or dental care. Those in dire hardship typically wait until we return before they seek medical attention. Not surprising, some patients we see are in such poor condition that we immediately refer them to the local hospital for urgent care. Patients travel many miles to our “work site,” to ensure they are seen and some are even carried to us. We also do some home visits. For example, Dr. Slyvene “Molly” Blissett, DPT, MPH, PT, PCS with a specialization in Pediatrics and her team provides therapy to homebound patients.

Our days are usually long because we make sure every patient is triaged and/or treated; the number of patients has grown significantly over the years. By way of an example, on our January 2008 mission to Jamaica, in a little less than a week, 50 OID volunteers saw 3383 patients – 1456 sought medical attention, 654 received eye care, 1028 were seen by the dentist and 492 patients saw the pediatrician. The adult population comprised a high number of hypertension, diabetes and gynecological (female) diseases. Within the dental population, there were lots of extractions, fillings, and fluoride treatments. The most common diseases among children were dermatological, respiratory and nutritional. Thos findings are generally representative of the populations we serve.


Since many of the diseases our patients possess can be prevented with education, we inform patients about healthy lifestyles and disease prevention strategies. In fact, we now incorporate an educational component to our delivery of medical service. Before patients are triaged, they are educated on crucial health issues such as good nutrition based on local diet, breast self-examination (females), HIV/AIDS and STD prevention and awareness.

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   Patients with cranial tumor in Ghana.



   OID arranged for Ms. Abenah A. from Bekwai to
   receive a much need surgery to remove the tumor.



   Patient in Ghana has tumor in his mouth.