OID is committed to serving our communities, and partner institutions, in order to promote health and wellbeing. Below, you will find some of our current and ongoing "special projects". We are seeking donations to fund our efforts. We are greatful for your continued support, and appreciate everything you do.
Thank You!



Mount Hannah

This resource center serves as a learning center for the community's children. It is our aim to house more computers with internet access, printers/copiers, and an industrial kitchen for the community.


Rusangu Clinic

Donations are needed to provide specific Ophthalmology and Dental equipment,  supplies, medications and chairs. 

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PPE for Healthcare Workers

With the uncertainties of the coronavirus pandemic, we aspire to donate personal protective equipment (PPE - surgical masks, N95 masks, eye shields) to healthcare workers in Jamaica. 


Mobile Medical Van

Donated by the Vincent Hosang Foundation, this medical/dental van has provided primary medical and dental care throughout the island of Jamaica. 


Remote Learning in Jamaica

OID is dedicated to supporting our children's future. We are seeking funding for student laptops/tablets to participate in virtual/distance learning. 

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Cardiology Mission

OID has partnered up with The University of the West Indies Savings Hearts, to increase the number of deserving patients with prevalent cardiac valve disease, requiring valve replacement surgery.

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Mobile Mammography Van

OID proposes to purchase a mobile mammography unit to screen for breast cancer, for underserved women in Jamaica. This can will also provide access to perform routine gynecological exams.