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The Mount Hannah Resource Centre is a small beacon of light shining in the Mt. Hannah community encouraging library usage, internet usage, and engagement in programs that are geared towards literacy.


The mission of the Mt. Hannah Resource Centre is to provide a learning and entertainment environment for the citizens of Mt. Hannah and its adjoining communities.

Our learning environment incorporates a library and computer center while the entertainment we provide is done through the usage of our expanded playing field which accommodates multiple sporting activities. With the support of The Organization for International Development Inc. (OID), Mt. Hannah Resource Centre main objective to create employment opportunity, train individuals to be employable, create an area for recreation, create a facility for community functions such as weddings, graduations, and concerts, encourage the maximum use of the library by everyone especially the students, have 100% literacy in the community both in computer and reading, have the community to own and be fully responsible for maintaining the facility, and increase access to the internet. 

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