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In 1990, Dr. Roy Streete and a group of caring individuals, who wanted to improve quality of life for people living in the underserved areas of the world, founded The Organization for International Development, Inc. (OID). OID is concerned not only with the healthcare and economic needs of the poor but also with their training, educational and employment needs; so that they may be better able to provide for themselves and their families. OID is a nonprofit, nonpolitical organization registered by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) organization which makes all contributions tax deductible. The group is comprised of professionals in the fields of education, healthcare, engineering, computer science, and technology.

As an organization, we have grown substantially and are now able to provide services, which include but not limited to dental care, medical treatment, nursing care, physical therapy, education, counseling on disease prevention and health maintenance. In addressing the inextricably linked healthcare and social needs of our patients, we provide services that facilitate sustainable community development.  These essential non-medical programs improve our patients’ lives by strengthening their communities and renewing their hope for the future.

On each medical mission, we hold health education workshops covering topics such as healthy lifestyle options, nutritional wellness, health maintenance and disease prevention skills. We assist with the school fees of talented low-income students, donate computer equipment and school supplies and support community improvement projects (i.e.  the building of the Mt. Hannah Community Resource Center in rural Jamaica which houses a well utilized library). We have had international health missions to Jamaica, Dominican Republic, St. Vincents, Grenada, Carriacou, India, Haiti, Ghana, Nigeria and Ethiopia.




The mission of OID is to promote and preserve the health, welfare and physical well-being of the poverty-stricken and needy throughout the world by engaging in charitable work projects.


  • Aid and assist indigent adults and children in the underserved areas of the world.

  • Help such individuals and institutions obtain food, clothing, medicine, general health  information, educational supplies, and equipment.

  • Recruit and assist volunteers who are willing to implement projects in their areas of interest and expertise.

  • Identify the training, education and health needs of targeted communities by collaborating with the regional health and education departments and local community leaders.

  • Develop, promote and sponsor programs that will address these needs; and monitor and evaluate the outcomes. Our long-range goals include collaboration with the Ministry of Health & Education and other professionals residing in host countries and to supplement their efforts by acting as a conduit to furnish needed supplies and equipment, thus enabling them to continue until our next visit.


“Helping Others To Help Themselves”



Roy Streete, DDS, MPH-Chairman

Michelle Malcolm-James, DNP, FNP-BC -President

Beverly Foster, ANP, BC- Vice President-OID Executive Board

Denise C. Soares, RN, MA- Secretary- OID Executive Board

Carol Biersay, RN- Assistant Treasurer-OID Executive Board

Sharon Wynter-Acting Treasurer-OID Executive Board


Dr. Akwasi Achampong

Amoy Chambers, Esq

Monthly Meeting Dates

First Saturdays, 7pm-8:30pm

  • January-June

  • September -December

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